Are you looking at something a little different for your wedding or party?

One that is engaging fun for guests and that they will remember?

Our Selfie Print service is the answer!

By taking away their own phone photos and selfies it’s a brilliant way to for guests to remember your event.

Plus you can add an overlay to the prints as that extra reminder of the occasion.

How it works

The beauty of our service unlike others is that it doesn’t rely on ‘harvesting’ images from Instagram and Twitter with a certain hashtag. Our experience is that few guests use that type of service. Our service is so simple even the technically challenged guests can use it!

  • guest goes to wifi settings on their phone and connects to our network which is called SELFIEPRINT.
  • opens a web browser and enters the address SELFIE/ 
  • a upload screen appears
  • guest uploads their photo(s)
  • photo is immediately printed out and available for collection
  • all photos are saved to a memory stick at the end of the event

It’s that simple! The entire concept of the service is that all guests are able to take part in the service, not just those who are technically minded.


When is the best time for the service?

This will very much depend upon your wedding and it’s running order. The popular options include;

  • during the evening reception
  • starting when the wedding breakfast starts
  • when guests arrive to the venue
  • immediately after the service (that dead time when the newly weds have photos taken)

Just decide what works best for your wedding and how many hours you will want to book us for. Remember to factor in the length of the wedding breakfast and especially the length of speeches. Photos taken during this time of course can still be printed.


When is the best time for the service?

Similar to weddings it will be dependant upon your event and it’s timings.

For parties we are more likely to set up and be ready at the start of the event but it can depend on the individual circumstances.

For balls and gala dinners it is probably best after the formalities. People will have had a drink and be looking for entertainment.

Every event is different and we will be happy to discuss timings with you.

There is little disruption on setting up and we can so within 10 minutes typically.

Email Us

Tell us a little about your event, including venue, location, type of event and hours of operation.