Looking for an extra method to enhance your brand during an experiential event, activation or indeed any event you are running?

The Selfie Print service is engaging fun for guests and one that will be remmembered.

Guests will leave your event with a physical photo, combined with an overlay of your brand and perhaps a branded wallet as well.

The service is great to re-inforce your brand and a tangible memento of the event.

Turn your guests from passive onlookers to engagers.



To increase engagement with guests and increase your ROI is the simple reason.

How often do people take photos with their cameras at your activation or expeiential event and then simply wander past?

It happens often when we are working as photographers at such events.

The Selfie Print service is different, genuinely appeals to people and by its very nature forces engagement with guests and customers.

This touchpoint will help re-inforce your brand and protect your ROI.

Some ideas for use are set out below.


Attract people to your stand

Festivals are all about fun and memories.

How often do attendees of festivals print out their photos? Rarely, if ever!

The Selfie Print service can attract people to your stand.

Brand ambassadors can hand out flyers upon entrance, or within a certain radius of your stand.

The service will generate footfall to your area and then you can engage with them.



Bars, pubs and drink promotions

Re-inforcing the brand

A captive environment such as a pub or bar is an ideal venue for this service.

Guests will remember their visit to the venue, perhaps stay around a bit longer because of the service and leave with a memento of their evening.

Remember an overlay, perhaps a logo, can be added to the prints and we can also supply branded wallets.




Trade shows

Offer something more than a free pen!

Everyone who has worked at a trade show will know the feeling of attendees walking past with barely a fleeting glance.

It is one of the key reasons why freebies are available for guests at many stands.

By offering the Selfie Print service you can be pretty much assured that you will enagage potential customers more than if you were just giving away free pens.

Combine it with a backdrop or something of interest on your stand and your engagement will increase further.



Corporate parties

Adding something different to your event

At all parties guests will be taking photos.

Allowing them to print out their phone photos is a great addition and talking point to any party.

Whether this is an internal party for staff, or one with external guests the service will be a hit.




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