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It is often difficult to have a service at your event that is different, fun and engaging. Whether you use SELFIEPRINT for marketing at an event or a fun addition to a party, we’re confident SELFIEPRINT will impress your guests or members of the public.

Finally, a service which your guests will love and remember after the event

The beauty of the service is its simplicity. No apps to download and simple for guests to have their selfies printed.

This service doesn’t rely on guests posting to Twitter or Instagram with a certain hashtag. Guests simply connect to us by wifi and upload their photos.


What is the service?

Instant selfie printing

We allow guests at events to print the photos they have taken with their own phones. Simple as that!

Branded overlays

If you want an overlay added this can be done. Typically this will be details of the event or a logo.


If you wish a slideshow of the photos can be shown on a TV or screen

Photos are saved

All photos will be saved onto a USB drive and handed to the event organiser at the end of the evening

We believe in simplicity

No app to download!

Step 1

Connect to our wi-fi on your phone

It’s called Selfieprint

No internet or 4g signal is needed!

(we create the network with our technology)

Step 2

Go to the browser on your phone

Enter the address selfie/

(that’s right, no .com or to enter

this takes you to the upload screen)

Step 3

Select and upload your photo

(it really is that simple!)

Step 4

Collect your print from the printing station

(an overlay can be added if you wish)





Step 5 (optional)

We can run a slideshow onto a TV or projector.

(photos are moderated)

The client is responsible for AV provision.

Step 6

All photos are saved automatically on a USB drive

This is given to you at the end of the evening








Why use the Selfie Print service?

it's different

Guests are intrigued by new services at events and are highly likely to test them out.

The ability to print photos from their phones is something most people are unlikely to ever have encountered which makes this service memorable.

it's engaging

When was the last time you printed a photo that you had on your phone?

For most people the answer is never!

As a result guests truly engage with this service and love it. And to cap it all off are able to take away a printed memory of the event.

Liberation for phone photos!

Our Selfie Print service is a great addition to any event.

It can be used successfully for parties, weddings, experiential events, brand activations and other corporate events.

How often do people print photos that are on their phones?

Very rarely for most people. Despite this phone photos and selfies are often treasured memories of family, friends and special moments in life.

People love printed photos and our service provides an opportunity to for people to simply have them printed.

Long after photos have been deleted from a phone, or un-discoverable on Facebook your guests will still be able to find that photo of your event in a shoe box somewhere.

Memories are precious and we help to preserve them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need internet?

No, not at all.

Our equipment creates a wifi network that will be visible on guests phones.

How do guests know what to do?

We have the options of;

  • handing out instruction cards
  • having information on tables
  • pull up banners
  • on a slideshow

Which method, or methods will depend upon the event.

What size are the prints?

The default size of the prints is postcard sized, so 6 x 4 inches.

Other sizes are available on request.

What is the range?

This can totally depend upon the event and if there is any interference to the wifi signal or simply the number of people around the area.

It could be as much as 100m or as little as 10m.

In the instructions people are advised to move closer to the printing station if they cannot connect. They have to go there in any event to collect their prints.

Can you produce double prints?


Examples include using the second print on a photo wall, or added to a guest book.

How many prints can be produced?

The limit is determined by the speed of the printer.

It takes approximately 10 seconds to print a photo.

We do have a fair usage policy which is based on common sense. We reserve the right to restrict the number of prints from one phone (no-one want someone printing their entire gallery of photos out during an event).

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